Troy Dooly Of MLM Help Desk Given Full Access To Report On L.I.F.E. Leadership Conference In Columbus Ohio January 2012

In the last quarter of 2011, I started digging deep into Orrin Woodward’s past business dealings with Amway, MonaVie, former distributors and past employees to find out all I could about T.E.A.M. and the new company L.I.F.E. which launched on 11/11/11. What I have found is very interesting, and may be one of the most unique and original stories I have ever come across.

In January of 2012, Woodward reached out to me, and asked if I would like an opportunity to go behind the myth of secrecy to see what T.E.A.M./L.I.F.E. was all about. I jumped at the chance to really see under the hood. From what I have learned I am the first journalist/blogger to be given this type of access.

There is no way I can cover everything in one article or even in just a few articles. But over the next few months I will do my best to separate reality from fantasy, and facts from fiction about the rise of Orrin Woodward, from a failing part-time distributor at Amway, to now leading with his long time partner Chris Brady and their Policy Counsel one of, if not the largest active team of independent business owners in network marketing.

My adventure started on a Thursday night, where I was allowed to hangout with the Round Table Leaders of Woodward’s organization. These are the leaders who have created three individual sales legs. Two of the legs have 100 active T.E.A.M. members, and one sales leg of 50 active T.E.A.M. members.

In this case active means the distributors are on auto-ship of at least $50 of one of the L.I.F.E. products, and have been, or are attending a major quarterly event.

I counted around 90 people in the Round Table meeting. Breaking that down to 45 couples, these folks accounted for 11,250 active T.E.A.M. Independent Business Owners. Now keep in mind, there are thousands of T.E.A.M. members who have not built out all three legs, so there is no way I can give a full account of how large the T.E.A.M. organization nationally. At least not in this article 🙂

My time with Orrin Woodward and T.E.A.M. is January was both fun, and very respectful. I am not sure I have ever been hosted by so many great folks. And I still have time to sneak away and blend in with the average T.E.A.M. members and listen to what they had to say from the arena floor and in the hallways. I will share more on that in an upcoming article.

Below are a few videos I shot showing some of the event. Some of the videos are from the Friday afternoon event for the next level of leaders under the Round Table. There were close to 250 in the room. The other videos are from the main events.


Now, I want you to realize, these folks have stuck together through a multi-million dollar lawsuit, where Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and the Policy Counsel were sued by Amway, and counter sued and lost. (That will be covered in an upcoming article.)

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you as a leader can goes through years of legal battles, go from making millions a year, to no income, to finding a person who believes in you, and is willing to help underwrite your legal fees with a loan, and all the while, have the majority of your field organization stay faithful and loyal, then you must be doing something right. Without a doubt you will not be perfect, but from just a pure leadership standpoint, you are sure leading by example.

In closing let me say I have uploaded dozens of pictures at Pinterest, showing how well the organization is run. Today T.E.A.M./L.I.F.E. has a little over 20 employees in their Michigan offices, and dozens of volunteers across America and Canada to help them with their quarterly events.

You can click the picture below to checkout the pictures currently uploaded.


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